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Our Gator Security Response Drone System is a semi-autonomous system that can be rapidly deployed to respond to any active perimeter alarm/breach. Armed with thermal imaging, you can give your security staff a leg up, giving them advanced knowledge of the intruders location and direction, providing time to setup proper choke points, road blocks, or knowledge to pass on to the responding Law Enforcement officers.

can reduce security personnel costs!

CCTV Integration
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CCTV Integration

Link your CCTV system to the drone operations for more fluid response times!

security drone operations

flight school

As an addition to the D Security License, and the G Security License. Gator Security, Inc. and AerialWayz presents  the first of its kind Security Drone Certification or SDC. 

We provide hands on training to best equip your security staff with the knowledge required to operate a drone in a security manor. 

At the end of the course they will receive a certificate of completion and be awarded the SDC Certification, and will also be ready to take the part 107 FAA drone operator certification.

we have a fleet of drones for you to choose from to fit your locations needs!

Ground Control Software

With the Drone Ground Control software you can track your drones telemetry live, create way-point autonomous flight plans, geo-fencing to keep your drone from flying out of bounds, and more!
Your PIC or Pilot in command can even take over the flight controls and track a suspicious individual.
Stream your drones live video feed to up to 20 mobile devices, so you patrol units can get up to date information, or even offer the service to local Law Enforcement so they can have access to the eyes in the sky!

To learn more contact the number below!

(800) 676-1580

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