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Gator Security Services Offered

CCTV is perhaps the fastest growing and most fascinating security solution available today.  The use of video surveillance will help you achieve control over employee and customer theft, false accident claims, work productivity, premise liability and most importantly – your bottom line.   Gator Security provides powerful digital video and CCTV systems and components to assist you to verify an incident. 

Our sales consultants and technical staff will simplify the complexities of camera and lens selection, system design and digital recording systems to provide your facility with a best-in-class surveillance system as part of your overall security program.

We use only the highest quality equipment from the most reliable CCTV manufacturers including Honeywell, GE Security, IC Realtime Video, Panasonic, and Pelco.  Our product line is comprehensive and is geared to meet virtually any application imaginable in any environment.


  • Intelligent Digital Video Storage & Management Systems

  • Wireless Video Systems

  • Mobile Video Systems

  • Remote Video Systems – Video over TCP/IP or dial up network

  • Video Alarm Verification

  • Central Station Video Monitoring – Remote guard tours, virtual visits and custom services available

​Video Surveillance



Twenty four hour security protection requires a different approach. Burglar alarm systems deter entry through visual and audible devices. We have detection devices to protect every aspect of your property and personal peace of mind. We provide Alarm Systems from small 8-Zone Alarm Systems to large 200-Zone Alarm Systems.

We offer low cost monitoring of your alarm system with no contract. Unlike our competition you can be locked into a contract for up to 5 years whether you still own the property or not.

We also offer unsurpassed service to make sure that if a device fails it is replaced quickly to assure your protection and integrity is maintained.

Components of an Alarm System

  • Door contacts provide the first line of security

  • Glass break detection for large glass fronts

  • Motion detection for interior movement in case someone is hiding inside after you have locked up and left

  • Duress and holdup buttons in case of unforeseen emergencies.



The movement of people in and out of your premises is a large concern due to liability and life safety issues. We have a solution to the problem through the use of card readers, biometric readers (hand readers) and keypads. With these technologies and auxiliary locks we can control access to your site.

Vehicles are another security concern when attempting to provide a total security mitigation solution. We can control parking lots and storage areas using the same readers along with automatic gates.

Another access control service we offer is system administration and personnel badging. This service removes the necessity and cost of a computer, a badge printer and the overhead of delegating the administration of the system to one of your employees (or yourself). This service is performed remotely from our office.





Effective perimeter security means timely, credible alerts with visual detail to respond. Knowing the nature and location of a perimeter intrusion is the key to forming your response. While there are several options for perimeter security, thermal cameras with video analyticsare the fastest growing technology for perimeter intrusion detection. Smart thermal cameras operate day or night, and can “see” what the eye would miss, even over large outdoor areas in complete darkness.

A number of automated detection technologies including coax and fiber fence sensors, microwave, seismic sensors and radar can provide some level of perimeter detection. However, intelligent video systems provide advantages. When speed is critical, intelligent video perimeter systems can provide an intrusion alert along with visual information about the size, location and nature of an event as it unfolds.

Thermal video analytic cameras now operate well even under environmental factors such as rain, humidity, fog and bright sun, which in the past yielded poor images, nuisance alerts and mis-detects. The FLIR perimeter security system has been specifically designed to accurately detect targets in a wide-range of outdoor environments while addressing the core issue of nuisance alarms.


Integration of access control, burglar, and video surveillance (CCTV) to work together as a system and not as individual parts provides better security and life safety systems.

Gator Security, Inc. can provide you with a complete security package that helps you leverage the investments you have made in all your security equipment.



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