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Welcome to the Avigilon End User training page. From here you can access the Avigilon training center that covers every aspect of ACC and their mobile interface. We suggest each officer that plans to use the software register and take part in the training course and receive their certification from the suggested courses. The suggested courses are spelled out below, these are just our suggestions, each officer/security staff can choose to go further in their training if they so choose to.

Each user will need to click the Sign Up link and enter the enrollment key AVOCUSTOMERSIGNUP to register. 

Course suggestions

video surveillance systems


  • ACC Administrator (English)

  • ACC Operator (English)

  • ACC Video Analytics

  • ACC Mobile


  • ACC Operator (English)

  • ACC Video Analytics

  • ACC Mobile

Access control

If your site uses Avigilon ACM (access control) everyone would benefit from these training courses.

ACM Operator 1

ACM Operator 2

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